Wednesday, June 03, 2009

legend of zelda

So recently I had some art theft done to me. okay so a little backstory on this one. I was thinking about the art thieving going on and I got introspective. I've run across people who ref'd my work and drew their own thing generally using the lines I threw down. And all I ask there is for a link back to the original piece. But the out and out theft of a piece I'm not cool with.

So I thought back to my own days of tracing...I was 7 years old. It was 1986 and Legend of Zelda just came out. I was in love with the artwork in the game booklet and traced the characters from it and transpose it onto lined paper and made a comic out of it. Despite looking very similar to Link, 'my' guy Zin was pinker with white hair and a purple tunic. I giggled thinking back to how I traced back then and somehow it led me back to my old comic where Zin was a rogue hero who was out to save Zelda and in a way competing with link.

well it's 2009 now and Zin won


Sayda said...

Nice :) Yea, I used to do the tracing bit a ton when I was a kid. I was a fan of using comics to bring my own characters to life. I'll have to dig those out of my nostalgia box, I'm sure there's plenty of hilarity to be found :3.

Also, the ass-grab is a lovely touch might I add ;3

Marc Adona said...

The Link/Zin illustration is pretty funny. Nice work by the way!

Domo stanton said...

man very cool stuff you got here I REALLY like the style you got going on! and the Zin/ link competition, hilarious!

John G said...

Hey, what do you do when someone blatantly ripps one of your pieces? I mean, not legally, but how do you reconcile it personally? Do you ever call them on it?

Nice piece, btw. I like how loose this is.

ANX said...

generally I'll call them on it and ask them to take it down. It really depends on what they did. If they just reposted my work as theirs. I work on getting them to take it down either by asking them or the site admins where they posted it. If it's a trace or something else I then ask for credit and a linkback to my original piece unless they're trying to make money off it. Then in all cases I get it removed from wherever it's posted.