Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wild sketchin'

I realized recently, I just plain don't sketch enough. I'm always trying to complete a piece and while that's good for productivity, it's killing the hell out of my spontaneity and we can't have that. So here's a rough sketch I did of Grifter today.

Seriously...I wish I didn't have to clean up work always loses so much personality between the sketch and the final work. Meh.

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detective comics said...

Dear Mathew .My name is Pablo Stadelman, I live in Campana, Buenos Aires province, Argentina. I dared to write this mail because I admire your work. More than anything, from discovery in the illustrations of yo in the internet . From there i discover your brilliant art, but even if I found your devianart. I have nothing of cartoonist. But I quite well as the writer (eye, I am not nor Morrison Byrne). Since last year we are putting together with my partner and friend (Agustin Grassi a project that just goes at number one, called "Aldus", that in comics store since December last year under the Reflex stamp editions ( It's a simple story, layer and sword as they say usually, which combines several genres, humor, suspense, and so on. As a condiment to the magazine, and we're arming the Web page (Very soon) . We look for artists to perform covers of character. It joined the idea Jorge Blanco, bruno, Mr exes, Gustavo room, and several more that are already drawing.

That's why I dared to write, to see if tapeworms time (and obvious desire) to make a drawing of our character and then post with others.

Your work again, I love, and truth to me encantaria count on your contribution to enrich the project that we are arming (and hopefully grow).

I dismissal with a big hug from the other side of the continent, awaiting your prompt response. Since already a friend, Paul Stadelman