Wednesday, July 09, 2008

SDCC Print

Well I won't have a table to sell anything, but my dear pal Christina Strain (she who walks with awesomeness) is coloring this piece up as a Print. Until then this is my version of the colors.

I just love this couple as does Christina. Which I find odd because Rogue and Gambit are complete opposites who have such a hard time getting together, but Christina and her Fiance are an amazing couple who you couldn't separate with Wolverine's claws.


&Rew said...

nice piece. That's a tough pose to handle. Make sure to post the other colored version when it's all complete.


Oscar Rosales said...

Very Cool Stuff in Here!!!

Javas said...

love this, the faces are pure gold



It was great to finally meet you at the Golden Apple signing. I felt terrible not being able to talk it up with you any more than I did. I hope the evening went as well for you as it did for me. Also, the cool on-the-spot drawings you did blew me away! So good they gave me an upset stomach just thinking I'm going to have to follow you with an image. Ugh.

I don't know which show you're doing next or if you're appearing at any other store promoting a project, but if you are, please, PLEASE drop me a line - I'll be sure to drop by. I'm working at home full time now so my schedule is considerable more open to hang out.

Hope all is well. I'll speak to you later.


Metalia said...

I love this piece! ^^

Good portfolio, congratulations!.

Regards from Spain.