Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So I found out about Dynamo 5

Well after going back over what I could have done to screw up Dynamo 5 so much I finally looked at my e-mails to Jay Faerber and my big screwup...I totally sent him the wrong files and dear lord I feel dumb. I sent him RGB JPG's and anyone who's worked in printed medium knows that pretty much anything JPG is a dumb idea and RGB is just a flat out no no.

So anyone who bought the Dynamo 5 Annual, please don't judge the whole book by my 8 pages of Oops. Here's a couple pages to satiate the concept of what the colors SHOULD have looked like if I wasn't a dimwit.


Dave Hamann said...

I thought the colors were a little weird and muddy, but wow, what a difference.

Are you gonna be able to post all of the pages somewhere online? I'm curious to see the whole thing "as it should have been".

ANX said...

I'm going to wait a while until the book has its run, that way I don't interfere with sales by posting a section of the book.

Mystery of Albesila said...

Great job on the pages. I love them