Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I wonder if this ever happens to Travis Charest...

You know...I'm beginning to question if anyone will ever know who I am in the comics world. lol it's a silly thing I know, but in pretty much every promotional piece done where my name is included, I get misspelled.

Mathew Humphries is pretty much the most common spelling I come across.

My name is Matthew Humphreys. Two T's and an EYS on the end. It'll be hilarious one day when some kid is going to look back and wonder "Hmmm who was that guy that drew that thing one time." And they'll look it up based on my name on the cover Matthew Humphreys, but they won't find anything because all materials relating to me will be with an IES...guh.


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Matt said...

I get the same problem Matt. I bought matthumphries.com just so I could combat the misspellings.

The rant is justified...

Matt Humphreys