Thursday, May 08, 2008

Another Not Art Post. OMG...

I really need to cut back on projects. What kills me the most is that I've been incredibly busy since early 2007. Almost non-stop. Yet the projects I keep taking on are small little things that I'm probably not getting paid for. Which is fine I guess since I do have my animation day job which I love.

It's just...I look out and I see that I have one book on shelves this week. Another one next month. Two the following month, and one more in August.

And so far, none of it is stuff I'm really proud of. Why you ask? Because My dayjob has semi-flexible hours. I work at least 8 hours a day doing my animation/web job in an office environment.

Then I come home to work on the comic but also work on little things here and there that are projects just piled up. A company here wants 6 concepts done for a project they don't tell me about. Don't care, I'm getting paid. Right? Ugh. But those 6 concepts are matched by other commissioned work on top of the day job. On top of the comic, on top of the anthology, on top of the annual, on top of the trading cards...and in the end...

you wind up with half assed work and I HATE THAT! I hate that all this work I've done over the last year really doesn't reflect what I can do. It reflects what I can do under pressure, but not really the quality I want to deliver.

So I keep telling people that I'm not taking any more freelance work, but I think that's overstating. I'm just not taking on lil projects. If it's a writer I know and respect or a publisher I know and respect I'll work something out. But these little cards, concepts, covers, pinups and whatnot...I gotta step away from it and just keep saying I dun' have zee time.

Cuz my brain is turning into mush.

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