Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Here's a random thing I came by today. I had come across some Brian Stelfreeze art the other day and I wanted to look at more of his recent stuff since I hadn't heard about him in years. So I check out Comicartcommunity.com to see if he has a gallery. Voila he does and what do I find there, some hilarity in accidental 'tracing' done I'm guessing on my part.

I KNOW Stelfreeze doesn't know who the hell I am and I had never seen his piece before today so I thought it was just a funny quirk of the cosmos at how similar our two pieces were.

His from a series called Gun Candy (makes sense with the items in his piece) and mine was a piece called 'Happy Holidays All' featuring Lara Croft as a holiday post on my Deviantart Gallery this past Xmas.

Weirdness and hilarity in the world.

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P@olo said...

Sometimes this things happens, we are human so creativity running in circle, like uman being.
Ok I'm writing a lot of bullshit, need to rest now
bye man! ;)