Sunday, January 06, 2008

Gettin Dirty in 2008

For the first post of 2008, I bring you two of the hottest and best bad girls in the universe. The Dirty Pair.

I love these girls. Despite my long time love of anime, these two were my first foray into printed japanese artwork. Oddly enough the books I picked up were from a man who will continue to influence and inspire me as years go on. Adam Warren.

Dirty Pair:Sim Hell changed how I viewed comics and how they COULD be told.


kristen said...

These girls have crazy 80s hair X) This is pretty hot.. I dig the boots :)
Hey I just got a blog.. and you'd better add me or I'll cry :(

Big Chris said...

amen to that man! amen to that!

Those early Dirty Pair and Bubblegum Crisis books by Adam Warren made me fall in love with the japanese style of artwork.

Jeff Victor said...

You are so crazy talented, Matt. You impress me every time.

That said--those Dirty Pair chicks are hot.