Friday, November 16, 2007

A little sky in your doll

I just switched up my desktop wallpaper recently with a Claire Wendling rendition of Noa from Sky Doll in this fantastic pose with this huge fluffy hair and it was just so...80's. I love it.

So I started out doing an homage to this piece by utilizing a similar pose but from a different angle and it just took off and turned into an homage to both Wendling and the Sky Doll volume 'Aqua'.



Jonboy! said...

Matt! This is Hella Dope homie!

&Rew said...

this is totally rad.

love skydoll and this piece totally does it justice. the bubblegum palette works really well. i feel


Warren Lee said...

Sweet! Skydoll rocks!

Barbara Canepa said...

U A O H !!!
Merci beaucoup! THANKS SO MUCH !!!!

I am very happy.
You are amazing artist.. ^____^