Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Battlefield Babysitter in the works

Well since there's every chance that High Moon will win Zuda's first monthly competition (Awesome job to the creative team of HM btw) I wanted to start posting some updates to my blog about what'll be happening with Battlefield Babysitter and give you a brief peek into what's coming.

I know that the 8 page intro on Zuda doesn't get into the Battlefield nor the Babysitting of the story. That said, strip 9 would've actually just introduced the parents and the ward of the babysitting side of the story.

The parents being Garrison Davis (Aka Baron Dark) a non-powered Superhero who is sort of an internal catalyst for why Katherine's parents are obsessed with her getting powers. Baron Dark and Silverback used to be partners but because of Baron's lack of superhuman abilities, they had a falling out as Silverback felt they should be handling bigger issues than street crime.

Ironically Silverback and family are still B-list heroes who do handle local adversaries, while Baron Dark has gone onto becoming a true thorn in the side of supervillainy.

His wife is a super-being who didn't get into the superhero caste by choice. She's actually a supermodel who goes by the stage name of Athena, but her real name is Arlene Davis a loving wife and an emotional counterpoint to the usually stern Garrison.

Then there's their child. Benjamin. Obviously too young to manifest, his parents aren't sure where he'll be in their world in the years to come, but they're very protective of him.

But on a night out they make an agreement with old friend Silverback to try and bridge the gap in their friendship by allowing Katherine to babysit while the two sets of parents head out for a Superhero gala event.

So thaaat's just the next few pages. There's a lot more to come. But until then here's a peek at Athena with her little boy, Benjamin.

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