Sunday, September 23, 2007

Couple of tidbits of X-girls

Haven't had much time to draw for meself lately, and while I'm behind on commissions a bit I don't have time to do full pieces.

So just a couple of small tidbits drawn and colored each in about 40 minutes.

Here's Jean Grey (a younger version. maybe Ultimate) and Monet St. Croix from Gen X fame.


StudioRisingStar said...

matt where are you working right now?
Are you working on that new wolverine and the Xmen series?

ANX said...

Nah, I wrapped on Wolverine & The X-men back in March.

I work at Neopets now as a designer.

StudioRisingStar said...

Thats hip your getting money..

Heather_Chavez said...

Hey you
I like that you put some meat on your girls on skinny girls

Oh nice color sense too

I'm not talking to water again.....he's a poop head

reg3n said...

damn i dig that style.... i can't remember where was the place where i saw yer stuff for the first time but i love yer stylizations! keep it up! glad to know you have a blog