Sunday, August 26, 2007

Threads of Fate

I had this idea a while ago that I will likely never do anything with...y'know since Cloak and Dagger are Copyright to Marvel Comics.

But I was thinking that there are these two characters that really aren't suited for superhero comics. I had thought of writing them out like a Marvel Max comic where they were following these new threads of fate that came out of Cloak and tried to rectify situations a la Dagger lighting the way.

Anyhow, figured I might as well throw out the design ideas anyhoodle.

Oh and before anyone asks, I know it's not Cloak or Dagger's regular costumes. I wanted his to feel more like a tether. Something that he's trapped in and her's to feel more like her origin which is as a dancer.


biboun said...

wow this cg its amazing
really bautyfull!!!!!

jrieber said...

great fun original lively gorgeous stuff--

totally bookmarked ya.

really looking forward to seeing more of your work here and on the p&p board. love to see more of your sequentials.

&Rew said...

there's pretty much nothing about this piece that i don't like; totally badassical. great job! - very phantom of the opera-ish.


Heather_Chavez said...

he's hot I wouldn't mind being strapped to him