Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Some new ladies

A little ditty I did the other night in an effort to transform Sun Wukong into a female version. The costuming is way off considering the color palette and the lacking of the tiger skin...but whatevs. It was fun designing a monkey girl.

Recent commission I did of someone's original character.

X-23. One of the few gals in comics I've never drawn. I have. I like how this one turned out. Even though it's pretty plain and simple.

Oh and I'm in the market for a gig. Anyone know of anything in the mix hit me up, please.


Chrispy said...

Dood, this is one of the dopest pieces that i've seen this year, let alone from you, lol. I love it man, FORREEZE!

Jonboy! said...

Ahh you da Man Matty!! Lovin' the new stuff! SOLID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William "Classic Blaque" Anderson said...

that a sick piece of work on the x23. amazing layout.