Friday, August 24, 2007

The differences with Photoshop

I used to simply draw with pencil, scan and color right over my pencils and thought it looked good.

Well a couple nights ago I proved that yeeaaaah, there's a slight difference between my pencil art and my photoshop finishes.

Here's a comparison. One is pencil with mouse/photoshop coloring. The other is photoshop lines and colors with a wacom.


Jeff Solway said...

so you drew though lines with a Wacom not a cintq. I'm trying to figure this step out also

ANX said...

Well the original sketch on the left was in pencil since I was away from my computer.Then I scanned it in and did cleaner lines on a new layer above the sketch lines and then deleted the sketch lines.

Usually I'll do this same process but without scanning. I'll sketch in photoshop on my Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet and then do the new layer thing above that. Other than when I'm away from my computer, I have basically eliminated paper from my work.

Anonymous said...

Try inking your pencils. It will look superior to any digital inks you can muster once you get used to a brush or quill.