Friday, July 13, 2007

New Stuff

Put together a new portfolio to show to editors. It includes the Runaways pages seen below as well as some other stuff.

A couple new pieces that made it into the portfolio were these two.

Something else that kinda flogged my noggin. Deviantart is rampant with adult photography...and I mean A-D-U-L-T. But my gallery is pretty tame. At worst a PG-13 rated gallery unless you count foul language.

But in any case, I seem to have gotten pointed out for having one tastefully nude piece in my gallery. Mind you, no actual 'parts' are shown but somehow this got deleted as a violation of some overt sexuality clause. Yet photos seem to be posted daily of someone's birth canal. A lovely complex they have of hypocrisy on their site. Yeesh. Four years on that site and this is my first 'violation'. Sadness.

In any case, this was a commission and it got to the client just fine, so I have no TRUE qualms of it not being in my gallery. Just...y'know miffed at the double standard.

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patricio said...

WOW man that NM pinup is amazing!!!!!! really is!