Monday, January 08, 2007

Conversations that end the universe

One of my two co-horts in Atomic Chimp and I were talking shop and then like Sam Kinnison on a bender, the conversation took a left turn and hit a telephone pole.

Me: Definately not a tactic I've ever seen before. Redrawing a series for the collected volume.
Greg: It'll also have new stuff in it.
Greg: Think of us as George Lucas.
Me: Why? I liked you before!
Greg: Yeah, but it's gonna be better.
Greg: Did you see The Passion of the Christ?
Me: Yeah.
Greg: Is there male nudity in it?
Me: Just Jesus.
Greg: But you see his ding-a-ling?
Me: I dun remember. I didn't spend a lot of time searching for the Lord's DingDing.
Greg: I've got a thing for nekkid Jesus.


It's not just me people!'s also the company I keep.

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