Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Atomic Chimp Issue 5

Despite designing this book from the get go, I'm starting my actual interior work for Atomic Chimp as of Issue 5. Kelsey Shannon and I will be trading off arcs to give us both breaks to work on other stuff as well as to keep the book on Schedule from the day of launch.

Anyhow, this is for Issue 5. Rendering to follow...I'm tired so no rendering tonight. Rendering tomorrow night. Don't hate me. Love me.

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Christina said...

HEY! It's Christina, I saw what you wrote about me on Micah's Deviant Art page and dude, your art is SWEET. How many years ago was it that we were in line together? I friggin LOVE hearing about people I stood in line with doing well. :D BTW, I live in Sherman Oaks now. O_o We should get some lunch or something. You're going to WWLA right?

And dude, your deviant art stuff is fucking SICK. I LOVE it. Your color sense kicks so much ass~!