Monday, December 18, 2006

Street Fighter Mercy

My friend Jeff and I were talking about something he's working on. And I got inspired to do something really fun. So despite being up on a LOT of mandatory work stuff, I decided to do some quick pages of a lil story I've written for personal enjoyment.

The story is of a young Ryu and Ken while still under the tutelage of Gouken. Here are the layouts of the first 3 pages of that story and a lil style sheet of Ken Masters.

These pages are going to get laid out until the story is complete and then I'll go back and clean them up, color and letter them for final works. Honestly, the way this has been flowing I'll likely have this all done rather quickly.

So enjoy the fruits of my overactive imagination in rough form.


Jonboy! said...

SOLID Stuff Matt! Great stuff mang!!!


The new images you've put up have a ton of life and personality. They're very exciting and inspirational to look at. And the rough layouts for these sequential pages are top-notch! So much action going on - just looking at them makes me tired! Really well done, man. Great work and thanks for sharing.