Friday, February 17, 2006

Where it all started

So I've had a cartoony style developing for several years now. Most often people knew my realistic/traditional cartoony stuff until I started studying folks like Meglia, Ramos, Andrews and some other folks of the early 2000's.

This is an example of where I started getting a grip on the cartoon style I work in now. This was a lot of Disney, Don Bluth, Hanna Barbera and European artists digging into my brain and enveloping what makes something look like it could be animated. Over the last year I've been squishing my head against a wall and finally coming to terms with where I'm at. I'm very happy with where I came out in the end.

And with that...I give you boobs. lol.

Liv from Ultra. Jonathan Luna said he wants to put this up on their site. I have another pinup going into an issue of Invincible. One that's up on right now and possibly in a future issue of Justin. I think that's going to be my niche. The pinup/fanart guy who gets his work in people's books. Ah...that's funny but fun none the less. Oh and I got the gig with Pet Pro. So keep an eye on that page because my first strip is up. I'm still growing into the pallette and designs on that strip so shortly the strip will be looking emaculate. Thanks to Jason for giving me a chance to work on a REALLY funny strip. I'm really enjoying myself.

Anyhow, that's me in a nutshell.

Love, the Ninja.


Adam said...

I have to say that I was preaty worried when petpro announced that their artist was quiting. I think you'll agree that the previous artist's work was preaty impressive but more importantly the style was, well just really cool. Like the nov 2nd comic, it was a work of art on its own. So yeah like I said, I was disapointed to hear that the artist had quit.
Anyways I've looked at your work on your blog, your site and the comics you've posted and I have to say it's all awesome. I am really looking forward to reading the comics that are drawn by yourself. You are the perfect replacement for petpro. That Jason guy is lucky to haved snagged you, and I hope petpro will enjoy your pressence for a long while.

Closet Space said...

oooh! you also blog! Sweet. I love this one, awesome pose and soooo sexy. *thumbs up*