Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pet Professional

I just recently saw a post on Pet Professional that said they were looking for a new artist for the strip. It's not a paying gig, but honestly the strip is funny enough that I would be honored to be considered.

So I sent the writer a lil design piece of The Pet Pro to show him my thoughts on him. Not a high quality piece or anything (but it's a sample for now.)

Anyhow, HOOWAH I updated my blog.

In other bloggy news, I just got a new computer and this thing is freaking Rad. Dude, I got a Dell! In any case, I also got City of Heroes. Anyone who's played this game will likely tell you that it's digital heroin. So addictive. I got it last night and played until I had to go to work this morning. Thank you rockstar energy drink for saving my brain this morning.

Other news...I'm going to be at both Wizard World LA and San Diego Comic Con this year. So drop by artists alley to say hi if you're there. =)

Buh Bye.


Paul said...

Nice illustration and good luck!

chamba said...

wahh.. he blogs again.. after.. a while..

cool take on pet pro..

a new comp too.. ahh.. i shall wait 2-3 weeks to get me bro's comp..

happy days ahead!